Rate Increase

We must invest in our wastewater system.

To ensure SLCDPU continues to provide the highest-quality service to all residents we must invest in our wastewater system and increase rates to help pay for these investments. Rate changes are needed to fund the repair and replacement of critical aging water infrastructure and to meet new water quality requirements. These projects include:

  • Building a new Water Reclamation Facility (sewage treatment) by 2025.
  • Upgrading water, sewer and stormwater pipelines.
  • Improving drinking-water treatment plants.
  • Making dam improvements.

Rate Changes Allow Us to Provide Quality Treatment and Reliable Services

The services we provide are indispensable to every aspect of people’s lives, and we must deliver them 24/7 without interruption. This requires us to continually assess our infrastructure and make investments when needed to ensure safety and reliability.

Our ongoing commitment to provide excellent service to residential, commercial and industrial customers means we need to adjust our water, wastewater and stormwater rates and structures to fund necessary upgrades. The proposed rate changes are based on recommendations outlined in our 2018 Comprehensive Sewer, and Stormwater Rate Study.

How will the proposed rate changes affect customers?

The rates are based on water use and the cost to provide the services. Rates vary, depending on customer type: residential, commercial, and institutional.



Proposed rate increase of 18% and proposed changes in rate structure.

(average winter water use)
4 CCF $2.52
8 CCF $5.02
  • The proposed changes in the rate structure would reduce the minimum sewer charge, so a resident who uses and average of 2 ccf during winter months will have a monthly bill reduction of about $4.82.
  • Commercial, industrial and institutional wastewater charges ill increase based on water use and the characteristics of discharged water.


Proposed rate increase of 5% and proposed changes in rate structure.

  • The proposed increase will not affect most Salt Lake City residential customers, due to a proposed change in the rate structure that would reduce residential water bills.
  • Commercial, industrial and institutional water rates will increase due to higher costs of providing service to these customers.
  • To encourage water conservation, the proposed rate structure lowers the threshold of the top-rate tier from 70 ccf to 60 ccf per month (ccf stands for 100 cubic feet of water; 1 ccf is equal to 748 gallons).


Proposed rate increase of 10%.

  • Stormwater rates are based on the area (size) of the property, calculated as an Equivalent Residential Unit or ERU.
  • The typical Salt Lake City household (less than 1/4 acre) is considered one ERU, while commercial, industrial, and institutional customers are typically more than one ERU.
  • The proposed stormwater monthly rate would increase 49 cents per ERU.